Can you learn new languages through social media?

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Learning different languages will help you in various aspects of life. Social media has started different platforms for learning worldwide languages. Basically there are seven social media platforms that are assisting users in learning different languages.

Live Mocha

LiveMocha is simple social media platforms that have more than 6 million of users and is ranked in the top websites in last few years. In Live Mocha, you build your own profile and choose the language that you want to learn and also mention the languages that you know. This will lead you to a live chat with anyone who is online and knows the language that you want to learn. You would then be having a chat with the person and it will let you both to practice the languages of your choice.

There are teacher points fixed, that you can earn by helping the other members of this website. The more you help the more the points you are going to get. This website allows you to get connected with people knowing different languages just by making your profile and selecting the options o languages you want to learn. This website is quick enough that allows you to learn various languages fast.

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Busuu is a platform that allows its users to learn languages. It has functions like interactive games and is really user friendly. It allows its users to get access to learn lessons, take exams and chat in video and text in various languages. You can also check your language skills and correct the mistakes in your particular language by contacting the people who are frequent in that language. All you need to do is just write a sentence that you want to do correction in and then submit that sentence to this website to get it corrected by the native speaker of this language if there are any mistakes. Almost all of the features of this website are free of cost but if you want some upgraded features you need to pay for them.


It’s a website with the link that helps the users in making their pronunciations of different languages better. This website helps the users to get connected with a large community. You can get connected to friends and family or your language partners with whom you want to learn different languages. You need to search for a teacher and then arrange for question answer session. This will make you social and also help you in fulfilling your purpose of learning different languages.


Lang-8 is a website that functions in 180 countries worldwide. It helps you in learning different languages in terms of writing those languages. If there are some errors in your writing or in vocabulary then these mistakes would be corrected by other users of the website. This websites really proves to be helpful for the people who want to improve their writing skills and to enhance their speaking skills of different languages.

The Best Option: Social Media

All of these applications have got multiple tutors but only social media has got a chance to interact with multiple people. There are number of Instagram followers, twitter people and facebook pages that gather people speaking different languages. From where you can learn from real people instead of tutors or computer softwares.

These are some of the websites that helps the users in improving their language skills not only in terms of speaking but also writing.